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2023 Venison Processing Information

November 4th-12th: Deer can be dropped off Mon-Sun from 8am-3pm. 

November 13th-December 31st: Deer can be dropped off 

 Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, Sat 8am-2pm.

save $30
by removing
your own hide

$1.99/lb     We will grind your wild game and place it in a food                   safe plastic bag (we recommend that you freezer                     wrap)

$2.49/lb     We will grind and freezer wrap in your requested                       size packages (we recommend 1 lb packs)
$3.99/lb     Add beef fat to your grind (charge for amount of                     trim added)
$2.99/lb     Add pork fat to your grind (charge for amount of                     trim added)

$5.99/lb     Add beef trim to your grind (charge for amount of                     trim added)

$3.99/lb     Add pork trim to your grind (charge for amount of                     trim added)

Deer Processing by the Professionals

All venison is skillfully cut by experienced and professional meat cutters. Includes boneless steaks, boneless roasts, boneless chops, and ground venison. Your order will be freezer wrapped to your specifications, and all waste will be disposed of in a proper manner. Deposit may be required and prices subject to change.

Processing Fees

$145.00 per deer, regardless of size
$30.00 charge for hide removal

$30.00 per quarter

Cape removal: $50.00

Antler removal: $15.00

$20 charge for frozen deer (those that cannot be skinned upon drop off)

Grinding Services

We will grind your wild game and place in a plastic bag (you will need to freezer wrap.         $1.99/lb.
We will grind and wrap in in freezer wrap it in appropriate size pack                                         $2.49/lb.

Beef Trim               $5.99/lb.
Pork Trim               $3.99/lb.
Beef Fat                 $3.99/lb.
Pork Fat                 $2.99/lb.

Smokehouse Services

Delicious Venison Sausage

FRESH (not cooked/smoked, wrapped in 1 lb freezer paper)

$4.99/lb      Italian Links

$4.19/lb      Bulk Italian Sausage

$4.19/lb      Bulk Breakfast Sausage

$5.49/lb      Breakfast Links

$4.99/lb      Bratwurst

SMOKED (cooked and smoked, bulk bagged)

$5.99/lb      Summer Sausage or Salami (in multiples of 4lbs)

$4.99/lb      Polish Sausage or Country Style

$5.99/lb      Homemade Wieners

$5.49/lb      Ring Bologne

$8.99/lb      Venison Sticks (Regular or Hot)

$13.99/lb      Venison Jerky

Special Sausage Orders

All specialty sausage orders require a 10 pound minimum per kind and flavor, priced additionally per pound.

$1.00/lb      Own Meat Back

$1.00/lb      Single Flavor

$2.00/lb      Cheese Added

*We will try our best to accommodate your flavor requests.

Please note that some flavors may not be available or might be

available at a higher cost and minimum pound weight.

Game must be brought in VERY clean and ready for the smokehouse. We reserve the right to refuse any meat not cared for properly.

$4.99/lb      Smoking of Fish

$12.00/ea   Smoking of Pheasant or Duck

$35.00/ea   Smoking of Geese

$45.00/ea   Smoking of Turkey (any size)

$2.99/lb.      Smoking of your Stuffed Sausage

Download our full processing flyer here

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