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"Meat" the Team

The Story Behind the Shop

Anoka Meat and Sausage is a locally owned and operated meat cutting and processing business

that sends freshly-wrapped packages and healthy batches of “How can I help?” across the counter.

We won’t ask you to take a number, but we will ask you to try some of our famous homemade beef sticks

and jerky.


Dave Jurek and store manager Jay McCarthy have been friends since grade school, growing up together in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Naturally, swapping stories and telling jokes come with the territory.


Dave cut his teeth at meat cutting school in Pipestone, Minnesota. He still remembers learning from his uncles – his first mentors – and recalls the initial excitement that accompanied his first purchase of meat cutting tools. Lifelong friend Jay has been with Anoka Meat and Sausage since the early days. Jay’s brother Kent is also part of the team. From Coon Rapids to Anoka, this group of friends never disbanded, ultimately reuniting to carve out a business that’s equal parts hard work and honest fun.


We’ve been curing bacon, making sausage and perfecting the art of customer service for 30 years. We’re seasoned – in the best sense of the word. Altogether, our business has been serving the Anoka community for 130 years. Ernie Soine purchased Anoka Meat and Locker Service on 209 Jackson Street in 1957, successfully running the operation for 29 years. During his tenure, he and his wife Ruth revitalized the business by introducing fresh sausages, smoked meats and fishes and custom slaughtering and processing.


Today, fresh cut meat and homemade sausage and jerky are our specialties. We currently offer nearly 50 flavors of brats and sausage, 15 flavors of snack sticks and nearly 10 flavors of jerky. We offer specialty deli items, flavored bacon, a wide variety of sauces and seasonings, and specialty cuts of meat to order. We also offer custom processing.


On a warm summer day, you might find our Habanero Mango Brats sizzling and being served up in our parking lot. Amateur and competitive cooks who’ve visited us will attest – your Friday night barbecues and Sunday morning pancake feeds will be the tastiest yet. We know from experience that moments with family and friends are the ones that count, and we’d like to help you savor them.


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