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Did you catch Teena Anderson on Twin Cities Live yesterday?

Watch Teena on Twin Cities Live as she serves an entire homemade Scandinavian Meal for Ben & Elizabeth. 12/7/23 was Ben's birthday and Teena served him up Lutefisk for the very first time on TV. Click the video below to watch and get all here recipes including, Lefse, Swedish Meatballs, Lutefisk, Krumkake & Rosettes. Watch the end for Elizabeth dubbing Teena as the Scandinavian Meat Market Princess..

Minnesota lays claim to the highest population of people of Nowegian and Swedish heritage.  Many of them proudly serve foods of their native land over the holidays.  Teena Anderson from Anoka Meat & Sausage is one of them!  She’s here with a table full of the Scandinavian delights.


I would eat the whole thing if everybody made lutefisk like this –Ben Lieber


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